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10 Tips to increase battery life in Windows11 laptop. Are you worried about your Windows 11 laptop battery life? You can use some tips to ensure a good battery life on Windows 11. In this video, you will see 10 tips to increase the battery life of your Windows 11 laptop. So don’t skip any tips, but you are free not to apply any tips you don’t like.

The video contains the following points-
0:00 Intro
0:21 1. Run Power Troubleshooter
0:52 2. Use Lower Brightness on Battery
1:20 3. Select Best Efficiency Power Mode
1:40 4. Activate Battery Saver
2:11 5. Disable Background Apps
3:12 6. Adjust Sleep & Screen Turn off Time
3:38 7. Reduce Refresh Rate of Display
4:08 8. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
4:32 9. Unplug Unnecessary Devices
4:52 10. Use Dark Mode or Dark Theme

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