Got to to get your pins, stickers, and shirts in time for the holidays!

Here are 15 #AirPodsPro hacks in just three minutes!

## 1. Push Back

Don’t struggle trying to get your AirPods Pro out of their charging case. Just push on the back and they’ll pop right out.

## 2. Still standing

Once you pop out your AirPods, pop open the case, and pop on your iPhone. It’s just gone Pro.

## 3. Power Poke

Not sure if your AirPods Pro have done charging? If you’re on a pad, just tap the case and the light will glow on to let you know.

And, if you’re not close enough, you can check the battery widget in iOS, the audio menubar in macOS, or just ask Siri to tell you at any time.

## 4. Yo Siri

You can use Siri for everything from switching between Noise Canceling and Transparency Modes, to telling your Apple TV to start playing Avengers End Game.

You can also switch modes with control center on iOS or Apple Watch, the Menu Bar on Mac or by clicking…