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In this video, I reviewed the Aftershock Forge 15S gaming laptop. It has the latest intel i7-11800H CPU and the latest RTX 3050Ti graphics card. It is the budget gaming laptop offered by AftershockPC. How well does it perform? Watch the video to find out!

The unit I have is an early unit, there might be small tweaks to design in the final product. This video is not sponsored and is my honest opinion on the Laptop. The laptop was provided to me for review.

Forge 15S:

Timeline: Here are some timelines you can follow, but watch the whole thing 🙂

0:00 Very Cool Intro
1:04 Specs
2:09 Hardware & Features
4:34 Ports
5:03 Games
6:27 Benchmarks
7:04 Thermals
7:30 GPU Bottleneck?
8:10 Conclusion

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