As I mentioned in my previous video the Gigabyte Eagle or Gigabyte Gaming OC cards are good for gaming, but due to how memory intensive some Algos are, some models are limited. Please comment below with the following information, so that the community can use this video to help them focus on getting a card that meetings their expectations.

1. What make and model GPU you have or have tested?
2. Does it have thermal pads on the backside of the PCB connecting the backplate.
3. Does your card thermal throttle? Check the following “Performance limit – thermal” in “HWinfo”, Power draw (if it gets locked around 200watts), and fan speed maxes out.
4. What is your 24/7 stable hashrate and clock/settings?

My sweet spot setup is as follows:
-400 on Core, +200 on mem, and PL set to 65%

👀👀 Don’t buy from Scalpers, prices are still ridiculous and not worth it!

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