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Hello my friends. Let’s hit 15 likes in one week!
Since i posted the windows 10 debloating video the windows 11 just hit the road!. In this video i will show you how to restore the classic context menu, the ribbon ui that windows 10 file explorer already have, some tweaks that will make your windows performance better as well removing the trash that windows comes with.
I know at the end of the video there are some mistakes that i do on the editing process so that’s why you will see some subtitles “that’s all see you”
before the ending. Anyways please don’t laugh at this.
Link to the Windows 10 debloating video:
Link to Winaero Tweaker Download:
Link to Uninstall Tool:
password is “mysubsarethebest”if needed.
Have a nice day, and too late Merry Christmas!