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This is a 1985 Lamborghini Countach found by up in Connecticut that has not been moved in 20 years. It’s a complete detailing disaster with mice poop and urine everywhere and need a full restoration detail before it goes to Curated in Miami to get fully restored prior to sale. My goal today is to get it out of the garage and bring it to the AMMO Studio where I will perform a preservation detail similar to when Kevin Brown, Derek Bemiss, and the team detailed Matt Farah’s Lamborghini Countach in Los Angeles a few years ago. The paint is very thin in some place and thick in others indicating it was paint by hand. Inside the glove box I pulled out the most disgusting bio-hazard Jordache jean soaking wet in urine and feces. This full detail will go down as one of my favorite Barn Finds ever! Hope you enjoy. -Larry

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