Fortnite GTX 1660 Super Performance MODE Fps Test Intel i5 9400f 16GB RAM

In this video, I tested the new graphic setting change that epic added to the game. The mode is still in alpha which is sad but it’s fine as epic says it will reduce the hardware burden that the low-end PC’s won’t suffer too much fps and will also increase the fps what I found was the fps I dropping from time to time but the input latency is way less for me, the graphic of the game is so bad as you can see in the video, I suggest that you try this mode if you’re experiencing high input lag or low fps.

CPU: Intel i5 9400F
GPU: GTX 1660 Super
Motherboard: MSI h310m pro vh plus
RAM: 2x8GB 2666mhz
OS: Win 10 Home
Mouse: Logi G402
Monitor: 144hz Acer KG241Q
Keyboard: Zebronics Blue Switch Mechanical
Mouse Pad: Amazon large