Fortnite update: Epic Games promising big change in next Fortnite update ( Game News )

EPIC Games is promising one big change will be included in the next Fortnite update, which is expected to arrive next week.

We don’t have a set date or time for when the next Fortnite patch will be available to download, but we know it will contain one important feature.

While fans have had to wait a little longer than usual for the new Fortnite update to arrive, it looks like things will be kicking off next week.

That’s because today, Epic Games revealed one important thing the next game update will include.

Soon, a new default option will be turned on that should help gamers who have a hard time with inventory management.

And while it’s not as important as being good in a gunfight, being able to track everything you have to hand is still crucial if you’re looking to come out as the last man standing.

Things will be getting a little easier with the launch of Fortnite update 17.20,…