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i have been playing pubg pc lite since its release
and suffering from fps lag
i have encountered every drop of internet to fix the solution but none of them worked

i was so fucked up
then i start configuring on my own
and editing the in game options with many varients like ( resolution and graphics quality tweak ) ( anti-allising and texture and many more )

then i found a blog saying that less quality pixelation , more fps counting

and i knew that rendering scale is the alternative of pixelation
then i tweak it

And bOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Fps increased 30-40 to 80-100 Yes i aint a liar

if u want more fps then follow it :::::
fps steps :
1. display mode always full screen it doesnot affect fps ( for dedicated graphics not integrated )
2. max fps 300 ( if u have a better cpu then put pressure on it or else if u have low end or low cycling power cpu then keep it on 60 to 80 )
3. brightness ( for quality(better view) 50 or quantity(fps) 30-40…