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In this video I cover using a cross platform boot loader called rEFInd to set up a dual boot between Pop OS and Windows 10 or 11.

Pop OS is one of few Linux distributions that does not use GRUB as the default boot loader, instead it uses systemd-boot.

This does mean that setting up a dual boot is a manual process, and not user friendly for new users of Linux, which Pop OS is often recommended for.

In fact, trying to install GRUB on Pop OS will break things, so instead I recommend using rEFInd, a cross platform boot loader.

1. Install rEFind.

rEFind is not found in the Pop Shop, so you will need to install it using the following Terminal command.

sudo apt install refind

Once installed, reboot the system.

2. Using rEFind.

On reboot you will be greeted by the rEFInd user interface, so simply select the icon that corresponds to the the installed operating you wish to boot into.

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