In this video I show you the quick and simple workflow within the GoPro app on my android (Samsung s9+) on how to edit your 360 camera footage of the GoPro MAX for later post-production. The whole process from recording scenes over reframing, rendering and so on is really quick and simple with this app and I think it is absolutely worth sharing my experience with you here.

The result will be a *.mov file you can edit in any video editing software. I for myself am a Davinci Resolve Studio 16 fanboy 😛

I love the possibilities this 360 camera gives me as a video creator because vloggin has never been so easy. You do not have to worry so much about the correct angle because you record in multiple angles. Also recording b-roll is way easier by this because you automatically record where you point to when you record a talking head video for example. I will bring up more tutorials and tricks I decover over time using this camera.

Also I am recording a dedicated tutorial of the post…