How To Fix HIGH PING Problem In Windows 11 – Quick Tutorial

Gamers and regular users alike have switched to Windows 11 since Microsoft introduced the new operating system.

Most users have reported high latency after a Windows 10 upgrade that causes trouble during gaming sessions. User reports show that ping spikes are common. High ping usually affects WiFi connection but has also been reported on an Ethernet connection. During high ping, there is an issue of packet loss which can be a problem if you are watching streaming online videos or games. In this article, we have discussed solutions to fix the high ping spikes in Windows 10/11. Before you start with fixing this issue make sure that your system drivers and Windows OS are up to date using Windows Update.

However, gamers dealing with significant FPS drops and high ping while running online games don’t want to wait too long for Microsoft to fix these problems.

If you’re one such gamer, we’ll show you some tips and…