Yehee boys.. Welcome to another Tutorial video. In this video I’ll show you guys how to fix game stuttering, fps drop, and gpu load suddenly dropped to 0%

This Tips is based on my own experience. In the past, when i tried to play heavy games like GTA V, Battlefield 5, Resident Evil 3 Remake and any other heavy games, i got my fps drop. Stuttering and my GPU usage was just suddenly dropped to 0%

I know i can play those games but why my gpu usage suddenly dropped? Then, I’ve tried to search some tips on the internet, but not working!! So i tried to mix the tips i found with my own optimization and you know what? It works!!!

Well i don’t know if this tips will also work on you too. But let’s hope it will work!!

What’s in this video?
–0:00 (Introduction)
–0:33 (1. Game launcher optimization)
–0:45 (2. Exploit Protection)
–1:52 (3. Nvidia Control Panel)
–3:16 (4. Nvidia Profile Inspector)
–4:30 (5. Game Settings Optimization)

Download link:
– Simply search on Google…