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In today’s video I decided to try to an FPS boost program for my pc if you saw my last video when I tried to find the best minecraft pvp client for low end pcs and improve the FPS in How To Fix Lag and Boost FPS in Minecraft on a Low End PC and if you saw my the video before where I bought the cheapest Gaming PC From eBay it’s pretty safe to say I got scammed.

Lets see what results I get using this new FPS boost PC optimization software from Tweak Central called Azurite. This program is a one click PC optimizer and improves your FPS by disabling performance hungry services, optimise Windows’ settings, cleaning up temporary files for Windows and removes privacy intrusive telemetry services from Microsoft.

The specs of the PC I’m using:
Intel Core i3 2120 CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Integrated graphics
(Let me know in the comments what PC upgrades I should do!)

Hope you guys all enjoy this new type of video if you guys…