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Hey everyone and welcome back to another AMAZING and FRESH video and in todays video we will be going over How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming Performance The Ultimate guide!!!Check below for quick clips it will have quick clicks to all of the important parts of the video and things that you can do to help your PC performance!!Be sure to check out the channel for more gaming and performance videos aswell as other gaming content!!Also check out other relevant links below and remember to subscribe if you are new and like and comment below the video for more gaming content!

Video Quick Click Through:
0:41 Set Up restore point
1:40 Best Performance Adjustment
2:08 Remote Settings
2:34 Optimize Drives Index
3:40 Notification and Focus Assist
4:25 Storage Optimization
4:40 Apps and Start Up Optimization
5:10 Game Bar Settings
5:49 Graphic Settings
6:30 Update and Security Optimizing
7:16 Power Plan Options
8:20 Optimize GPU…