How To Reset Windows 11 Taskbar To Its Default Settings

The Taskbar on Windows 11 is a happening space. It has all the shortcuts to apps you use most, it houses notifications, and system app icons. There are a lot of ways to customize the taskbar and change it as per our preferences. Sometimes, errors occur and hinder the functionalities of the taskbar. At such times you can restart the Taskbar and if that does not help, reset it. Let’s see how we can do it.

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The magic of Windows is in its customizable elements. There are myriad ways that one can change the look and feel of its visual components, be it the desktop, the start menu, or the taskbar. But once in a while, things get corrupted, go askew, or just don’t look how you want them to, with no clear way to get them back to default.

This troubleshooting…