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This video will explain how to access PUBG with a DNS changer called GoodbyeDPI.

Includes How to Install GoodbyeDPI
Information about GoodbyeDPI VPN/DNS Changer
How to play PUBG with GoodbyeDPI
News of PUGB PC being free
When the PUBG server goes live
PUBG Stuck on Loading screen problem
PUBG Server Mantainence Problem and Solution
Why PUBG won’t open

If the latest version doesn’t work, Use GoodbyeDpi 0.1.6


1. Download GoodbyeDPI from the link and extract
2. Run goodbyedpi.exe
3. Open PUBG
4. Play
5. Keep the app running in the background and remember to Close goodbyedpi.exe after u r done playing
Disclaimer: This video is made for educational purposes only.

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