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User Zoom on Mac. This tutorial is compatible with any Macbook. You can use Zoom on Macbook Air or Pro.
In this video on how to use Zoom on Mac I will show you seven essential actions that you can do on Zoom: how to install zoom on Mac, how to join a meeting, how to create an account, how to create a meeting, how to create a scheduled meeting.

Index of video
00:00 Overview on How To Use Zoom on Mac
00:34 How to Install Zoom on Mac
02:51 How to Join Meeting
06:27 Create Account
09:17 Create Meeting or Host Meeting on Mac
13:37 Schedule Meeting
16:57 How to Use Virtual Backgrounds on Mac
18:54 How to Share Screen

In the last part of the video, I will show you how to use the virtual background on Zoom for Mac and also how to share the screen.

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