Huawei’s latest EMUI 11 launcher boasts some great new features and updates, and here’s a review of some of my favourites in the beta version on the P40 Pro.

Emotion UI is still one of the best Android launchers from a mobile manufacturer and this 11th iteration keeps all of those greatest bits from previous versions, while improving the experience and adding fresh functionality.

EMUI 11 boosts the Always On Display with a selection of new artistic designs, some of which are customisable. This hands-on review shows you how to activate Huawei’s new styles, while also running through other new features such as the Smart Multi-Window multi-tasking. This allows you to open apps in a mini window on top of other apps, if you’re messaging and doing other stuff all at once.

Huawei has also upgraded the Notepad to the Super Notepad, now with a proper scanner tool. Multi Screen Collaboration 3.0 is a soon-to-appear update, while you’re also going to get enhanced privacy controls.

So are…