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In today’s video, we’re discussing the current status of iOS 14.7 to iOS 14.4 Jailbreak, we’re talking about iOS 14.7 RC release, and a bootloop-causing bug that was identified in stock iOS and it affects jailbreak users on iOS 14.3 and lower, and it’s likely to be present in iOS 14.4 too.

The iOS 14.7 RC release means that iOS 14.7 is right around the corner and it’s a pretty bad iOS version to stay on if you wanna jailbreak. In fact, so is iOS 14.6, because of all the bugs they patch. The best chance to get an Unc0ver or Taurine Jailbreak update as soon as possible would be staying on iOS 14.5.1 and lower, but this comes with its own set of drawbacks.

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