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Install Windows 10 on Macbook using Bootcamp | Triple boot macbook | Part:1

Part1: Install Windows 10

Part 2: Install Ubuntu Linux
(link will be updated in future)
Part3: Fix triple boot menu using rEFInd
(link will be updated in future)
Part4: Improve Windows 10 bootcamp performance
(link will be updated in future)
Part5: Compare performance between macOS, Windows, Linux
(link will be updated in future)

Hello guys, Kuntal is back here again.
I know staying at home, all of you are passing a boring time.
But during in this corona disaster, that’s the key, stay home, stay safe.

Today I am going to make a series of video.
I am planning to triple boot my macbook.
I’ll install Windows and Linux along with MacOS.
No no, I am not talking about virtualization, vmware, parallel desktop etc.
I am talking about real os installation.

As this is a long process, I will split this into four separate…