Jailbreak iOS 15 Update | Latest iOS Jailbreaking news! Are you waiting for an iOS 15 Jailbreak, or a Jailbreak for an iOS firmware which hasn’t recieved a Jailbreak yet? If so, this series is for you! Jailbreak Update is the series where I discuss the latest Jailbreak Updates regarding the latest iOS firmware at the time. In this case, Jailbreak iOS 15. This series will also cover other iOS firmwares which do not have a Jailbreak as well. If you are on iOS 15 and are wanting iOS 15 Jailbreak Updates, you are in the right place! This video will go through the latest iOS 15 Jailbreak Updates for this week. If you are watching my Jailbreak iOS 15 Update videos after this week, check out the playlist below to check the latest updates regarding the iOS 15 Jailbreak, and other iOS firmwares which are expecting a Jailbreak release!

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