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We look at the best Minecraft 1.18 settings for More FPS on Low End PCs to get FPS performance without mods. We can see the best fps settings for Minecraft 1.18 to get more fps on low end PCs & laptops. If you were asking how to boost & increase FPS in Minecraft Java on low end PCs then this video should help you by showing the best Minecraft settings aimed at getting more FPS on lower end PCs. As you can see in the video my FPS jumped from 350FPS to 1000+FPS on Vanilla Minecraft just by changing a few settings in game.

Played on Vanilla Minecraft Java 1.18 using the New Minecraft Launcher 2021.
Java used: Adoptium OpenJDK, read more:

Disclaimer:- 1000FPS is not guaranteed. It is dependant on your PC hardware. With the settings shown in the video, you should see some improvement but it may not match the FPS shown in the video. When leaving a comment, make sure to also mention your PC hardware…