Watch full video not because i want watch time but because if you get any error you can fix yourself


Only Batch File no packs (7mb) =

My Optimization Batch With Mixed Pack (700mb) =

Mo’s Optimization pack (3gb) it doesnt have my pack and batch file=

If any link isnt working comment and tell me

If you need any help Dm me on discord

0:00 Intro
0:07 Downloads
0:16 How to use the pack
0:43 Fps Tweaks
1:22 Major Error
1:28 Fps Tweaks
2:25 Credits
2:28 Network Tweaks
4:18 Big Thanks
4:31 Mo’s Pack
4:50 Power Plans
5:12 Revert Power plan
5:36 Re enable windows update
6:50 Full Mo’s Pack
6:59 Outro

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