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Use The Brand New Nintendo Switch Emulator On iOS & Android

What a great time to be alive as you can now run Nintendo Switch games on this brand new Nintendo Switch Emulator made in 2022 for iPhone and Android devices. I wanted to share this video to help out anybody that has been searching online and having a hard time finding a working one.

I did some digging around on google and managed to find this Nintendo Switch Emulator APK that not only lets you run switch games with no controller, but also has a built in database with all the Exclusive titles. Do keep in mind that you will have to download the data files but no more searching on shady sites for roms.

This Nintendo Switch Emulator for iOS Download is unique and different from any other one that I have came across. There are fair share of settings that can be tweaked and changed not to mention Higher End phones can be enabled to run the 4K resolution settings. This is a game changer for how we view visuals running off of…