Full tips and tricks OnePlus 8 series guide, showing off the best OxygenOS features of the OP8 and that premium Pro model. If you’re shelling out for these fresh 2020 smartphones, here’s how to get started with your OnePlus 8 Pro or the more affordable version. And if you’re still undecided, check out my unboxing and review of both of these handsets to see more on the hardware, camera tech and general specs.

You can grab the OnePlus 8 Pro from the official website now:

In this tips video, we show you how to copy across all of your contacts, apps and other bits from your old phone to your OP8. We also cover some of the greatest OxygenOS 10.5 features, including the improved Dark Mode and live motion wallpapers.

The OnePlus 8 devices also boast plenty of other great tools, including plenty of customisation options. The fresh new displays serve up new features too, especially that Pro version. You’ve got a Motion Graphics Smoothing…