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This OxygenOS 11 tips and tricks guide shows you how to use some of the best new features on the OnePlus 8T, which comes with Android 11 out of the box. This updated launcher will be rolling out to older phones like the OnePlus 8 and 7T, and here’s a review of some of the latest changes and improvements. For more in the OnePlus 8T, check out my unboxing video live now.

While no huge new features have been added for Oxygen OS 11, you do get several tweaks to existing stuff. The Ambient Display clocks have been updated and expanded with the likes of Insight and Canvas options. You can also now do loads more from the OnePlus power menu, including using Google Pay and playing with your smart home gear.

Old favourites like the Shelf and Game Space are also back in action. The OnePlus 8T can blaze through titles like PubG and Call of Duty, and Game Space can be called upon to block notifications, open WhatsApp or Instagram windows and activate Fnatic mode.

Overall the OxygenOS…