In this livestream, we announced our July 2021 expansion, Path of Exile: Expedition where you will join the Kalguuran expedition, excavate their lost relics and undead using chains of explosives, then barter, deal and gamble these relics with their merchants. We also revealed the long-awaited return of Path of Exile: Royale!

Find out more about Expedition here:
Find out more about Royale here:

0:00 – Chris Wilson Introduction
0:53 – Path of Exile: Expedition Official Trailer
2:43 – The Expedition League Content Reveal
11:20 – New Skill and Support Gems
22:48 – Game Balance Changes
24:55 – Making Path of Exile More Challenging
26:43 – Flask System Rework
30:21 – Support Gem Balance
33:41 – Path of Exile: Royale
37:37 – Expedition Supporter Packs