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Tested on a R5 430 (Oland) GPU
Results on Sanhok:
01-05-2022, 17:13:48 TslGame.exe benchmark completed, 46231 frames rendered in 935.078 s
Average framerate : 49.4 FPS
Minimum framerate : 9.7 FPS (by an 0.5 sec lag, was 25)
Maximum framerate : 61.2 FPS
1% low framerate : 24.1 FPS
Driver:AMD Adrenalin 2020 21.5.2
Driver Settings:
–Global Graphics and PUBG Settings too:
Antilag OFF
Image Sharpening OFF

Anti-Aliasing: Owerwrite
Anti-Aliasing Level: 2x
Texture Filtering Quality: Performance
Surface Format Optimization: OFF
Tessellation Mode: Overwrite
Maximum tessellation level: 2x

Power Tuning: 20%

Different GPU, different OC needed:
Overclock for R5 430:
Core: 780 to 1000mhz
Mem:1150 to 1300mhz (GDDR5 version)
In Game settings:
Fullscreen 720p 70% scale all very low
Locked maxfps 60