Hello Screen Free Untethered Bypass iOS 12.4.8 to 13.6.1 Reboot Fix

coronavirus have a big problem So take care & pray for me also i will pray for all
we not reply any comments in 15 days 😢

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I hope everyone in this group is well, and I am also fine by the grace of Allah , if I or anyone post an application for your help in this group, if you have any idea please let me know maybe your one reply can be a great help , if I have any ideas I will reply all our posts like this, hopefully remember my words
People who need help first help others then others will help you..
আশা করি এই গ্রুপ এর সবাই ভালো আছেন ,আমি ও আল্লাহ রহমতে ভালো আছি ,এই গ্রুপ এতে যদি আমি বা কেউ হেল্প এর জন্য পোস্ট করে…