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I give you my final verdict on whether it makes sense to buy the Tab S8 Plus with a 12 inch OLED display vs 11inch Tab S8 with a TFT display. (US) (CA) (UK)

Best case for Tab S8

Favorite tablet/phone stand for secondary monitor or video conference (use Iriun app)

00:00 Intro
00:43 Unboxing Tab S8 Plus & Impressions
02:06 Large OLED display first impressions
02:52 Tab S8 Plus Hand Holding Impressions
03:36 Unboxing regular Tab S8
04:33 Tab S8 Impressions
05:37 Fingerprint scanner differences
07:29 Plus sized form factor
08:37 Screen timeout differences, OLED burn in prevention?
08:59 Speaker tests
10:17 CPU performance comparison
10:58 S-pen latency reduction?
12:11 Other differences
13:38 Camera tests
14:28 Conclusions which would should you buy?
14:59 Conclusion on s-pen latency…