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After 8 months on the waiting list and finally Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink Gen 2, I named Mr. Bevel, is here!

Today I go over the Starlink Gen 2 Installation and Setup process as well as provide tips and tricks that you will thank me for later! 😉

I’m currently getting over 20X faster internet here in the studio!

Being that this video is a bit longer at 25 minutes I’ve added chapter markers if you wish to jump around.

Please share this video with anyone that may be interested in Mr. Bevel, the Starlink Generation 2.

00:00 Introduction
02:00 What is Starlink?
03:45 Where Is Starlink Available?
04:20 How Many Units Sold?
04:40 Difference Between Gen 1 & Gen 2 ?
06:50 What Is The Cost Of Starlink?
07:50 Is Starlink Reliable?
09:15 What About Bad Weather?
10:50 Starlink Delivery
11:11 Installation
14:50 Starlink Acquiring Satellites
15:50 Starlink App Setup and Walk-thru
18:10 How To Fix Starlink Outages?
19:40 Starlink Safe Installation With No Nails
20:20 How To Check For…