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lock screen:

home screen:

tweaks used –


springtomize 5 (hide apps, declutter ls + hs)

instalaucher 2 (app drawer)

prysm (control center customization)

magma evo (cc colors) (preset is mine, find it here)

kaleidoscope preset from grapefruit setup found –

lock screen:

kalm (time + date + weather + calendar

axon (notification grouping)

springtomize 5 (custom carrier)

lynx (custom home bar text)

home screen:

snowboard (theming apps)

viola glyphs white theme

homeplus beta

springtomize 5 (resize dock, hide status bar)


colorizechat (preset is mine, find it here)

alo message bubbles jona

Any icon request please email me or comment below

#sunset- #Cydia/Zebra/Sileo #Theme – iOS 14.8 – iOS 15.4 #Jailbreak
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