Learn how to edit videos on Windows/PC, step-by-step using just free video editing software. It’s the complete UPDATED guide to Video Editing for Beginners!

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Recommended Software for Starting Out:
► Shotcut:

Other software we’re using on PC:
► Adobe Premiere:
► Davinci Resolve:

📥 Learn the ULTIMATE Process for Editing Videos Faster (FREE DOWNLOAD):

Looking to take it to the next level and wondering what software to use next?
▶ Check out this video on the Best Video Editing Software for Windows:

Shotcut Keyboard Shortcuts:
Play = L
Pause = K
Rewind = J
Split = S
Ripple Edit Left = Shift + I
Ripple Edit Right = Shift + O
Ripple delete = Shift + Delete (or Backspace)
Select In Point =…