If you have installed or upgraded to Windows 11 and you are facing some issues or problems, this guide will help you fix them. Here are some of the most common and known problems that users are facing and reporting on various public forums. Although Microsoft has been rolling out updates to fix most issues, this guide will be an additional resource to troubleshoot common Windows 11 issues and problems.

Some of the common Windows 11 problems and issues are:

1] This PC doesn’t currently meet Windows 11 system requirements

2] Unable to activate

3] Unable to drag and drop items to the Taskbar

4] Blank widgets

5] Unable to download apps from Microsoft Store

6] Slow internet connection or not working

7] Slow boot time

8] Printer not working

9] Windows 11 draining battery fast

10] Unable to change the default browser

11] High CPU and Memory usage

12] Slow File Explorer

13] Full of bloatware

14] Blank screen

15] Slow performance

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How to activate Windows…